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   National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces: Research
The Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) sequence database

Trends in Access to Routine Care and Experiences with Care:2001

Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

Hepatitis Weekly, August 2, 2004 issue [PDF, 222 KB].

Clinical Trials

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Hepatitis Clinical Trials Data Base - a work in progress [MS Word Document]

Hepatitis C Clinical Trials [MS Word Document]
Created by:
Elizabeth Wilkinson, San Jose, CA
Secretary, California Hepatitis C Task Force For the National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces


Dick Southern
California State Council, Vietnam Veterans of America

This is the most comprehensive single compilation of disclosed clinical trials found at one internet link for both government and privately funded projects for Hepatitis A, B, C and hepatitis vaccines available at this time. This database is categorized by state, with investigators contact info and brief indication of research topic. It is not a 100% complete list, so your help is always welcomed should you have new or additional information to add. Contact Liz at: elwilkinson@sbcglobal.net.

Search results for ( "OTHER" OR "FED" OR "INDUSTRY" OR "NIH" ) [FUNDED-BY] 
AND hepatitis c [CONDITION] AND "United States" [LOCATION-COUNTRY] AND 
"California" [LOCATION-STATE] are shown below: 

       Include trials that are no longer recruiting patients.

      1.  Recruiting Pegasys in Combination with Copegus in Previously 
Untreated Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C virus Genotype 2 or 3 
      Condition: Chronic Hepatitis C 
      2.  Recruiting Pegasys in Combination with Copegus in Previously 
Untreated Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 1 
      Condition: Chronic Hepatitis C 
      3.  Recruiting Evaluation of the viral kinetics and pharmacokinetics 
of Pegasys plus Copegus and PEG-Intron plus Rebetol in patients with Chronic 
Hepatitis C and previously untreated with an interferon. 
      Condition: Hepatitis C 
      4.  Recruiting A Caspase Inhibitor in Chronic Hepatitis C (HCV) 
      Condition: Hepatitis C, Chronic 
      5.  Recruiting PEG-Intron Plus Rebetol Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis 
C Subjects Who Failed Response to alpha-Interferon Plus Ribavirin 
      Conditions: Chronic Hepatitis C; Liver Fibrosis; Cirrhosis 
      6.  Recruiting Effects of Ribavirin on Zidovudine or Stavudine 
      Conditions: HIV Infections; Hepatitis C 
      7.  Recruiting Efficacy and safety of Pegasys plus Copegus in patients 
with chronic Hepatitis C who are unable to tolerate or who do not respond to 
12 weeks of therapy with PEG-Intron plus Rebetol/Ribavirin. 
      Condition: Hepatitis C 
      8.  Recruiting Pegylated Interferon Alfa-2a Maintenance Therapy and 
Liver Disease Progression in People Infected With Both HIV and Hepatitis C 
Virus (HCV) 
      Conditions: HIV Infections; Hepatitis C; Liver Disease 
      9.  Recruiting Peg-Ifn Dose Evaluations for Previously Untreated 
Subjects with Chronic Hepatitis C Infected w/ Genotype 1 
      Condition: Chronic Hepatitis C 
      10.  Recruiting Prevention of Disease Progress in Chronic HepC Pts 
Significant Liver Fibrosis who failed PEG-Intron + Rebetol in P02370 
      Conditions: Chronic Hepatitis C; Liver Fibrosis 
      11.  Recruiting Peg-Intron for Prevention of Disease Progression in 
Chronic Hepatitis C Patients with Cirrhosis who failed with a Interferon 
plus Ribavirin Therapy 
      Conditions: Chronic Hepatitis C; Cirrhosis 
      12.  Recruiting Addition of ISIS 14803 to Therapy with Peginterferon 
and Ribavirin for Chronic Hepatitis C (HCV) patients not Responding 
Adequately to the Two Drugs 
      Condition: Hepatitis C, Chronic 
      13.  Recruiting Safety, feasibility and tolerability of Pegasys plus 
Copegus in previous intravenous drug users (IVDUs) who are infected with 
Chronic Hepatitis C and are currently enrolled in a methadone maintenance 
treatment program 
      Condition: Hepatitis C 
      14.  Recruiting Daily dosing of Interferon Alfacon-1 plus Ribavirin 
for treatment of Hepatitis C Infected Patients (nonresponders) 
      Condition: Chronic Hepatitis C 
      15.  Recruiting CIFN and IFN c-1b with or without Ribavirin for 
treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C (nonresponders) 
      Condition: Chronic Hepatitis C 

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