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   National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces: News: Adult Stem Cells in Action
Adult stem cells in action!

Bone marrow stem cells were converted into healthy liver cells and helped to reverse liver damage. This exciting research was done by the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. This study was done with mice, but a human trial can't be far behind.

Dear Members,

There is a bill in the House that will allow federal funding on new stem cell lines. It is very important that we contact our Representatives in the House and ask each of them to support this bill, HR 4682. We can help this bill get passed.

Your help is needed to get the restrictions on federal funding of new stem cell lines removed. SSSCR is urging each of our members to contact her/his Representative on August 9. Many of us have not done this before, so over the next week, we will be sending out detailed instructions via email on how to do this. One phone call can be the deciding factor in getting a Representative's support. Our Congresspersons needs us to make them aware of the issues that matter to their constituents. With the increased exposure that stem cell research has been receiving in the news, we can not afford to let this opportunity slip by. It only takes a minute or two and the first step of gathering the contact info is outlined below.

Let's do it for those suffering from disease and disability. Let's do it, so that we can speed up the progress of research. Let's do it for our careers.

Step 1
The following link will take you to House members' contact info. To Find your Congressperson click this link.

Step 2
Enter your Address

Step 3
Follow your member's link
This should provide you with the complete contact info for your House member.

Step 4
Please cut and paste and return the following information via email to SSSCR.
We will record this data for FFR.

1. Name
2. email address
3. Fax # DC
4. Fax # District/home office
5. Phone # DC
6. Phone # District/home office

So far House member contact info has been returned by:
Allison Venable University of Georgia Jayant Menon UCLA Liana Paris Brown University Woojin Chong Suny College Jena Midulla University of South Florida Sabrina Cohen

Thank you very much. Good job!

Fact on this bill follows.

Marion J. Riggs

The "Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act"

H.R. 4682

Fact Sheet