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   National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces: News: ALF Adopts Position on Stem Cell Research
ALF Adopts Position on Stem Cell Research

The Board of Directors of the American Liver Foundation adopted its policy on stem cell research on Saturday, September 11th, 2004. Text of the policy statement follows.


The advent of stem cell research offers great promise for advances in health care that can lead to the prevention and treatment of many chronic diseases and/or disabilities, giving hope to millions of patients and their families. Stem cells hold the promise of new treatments or cures for major diseases that affect millions of people in the United States, including a variety of liver diseases. Recognizing the potential to end so much human suffering, the American Liver Foundation supports funding for further research and development in stem cell research.

Whereas stem cells provide the body's basic building blocks, and medical researchers believe that stem cells can replace diseased cell populations within patients, effectively reversing the symptoms of a disease and perhaps even curing it;

Whereas stem cell research is developing breakthrough cures and offers new hope that may lead to therapies that could save millions of lives and improve the quality of life for millions more;

Whereas there is a broad, scientific consensus in support of stem cell research;

Whereas there are social and religious sensitivities to stem cell research that can be overcome by the use of stringent ethical standards;

Therefore, be it resolved by ALF that: